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Re: Q: "Percentage" of building or building component failures attributedto design

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        I have forwarded your request to my insurer.  If they respond I will post the response.


H. Daryl Richardson

Bill Polhemus wrote:


I?d like some opinions?preferably backed up with facts?as to the percentage of building or building component failures that can be attributed to DESIGN, as opposed to construction flaws.

I suspect?though I don?t know?that the number of failures that can be laid at the feet of the designer is probably quite low?maybe in the five percent range. In contrast, I suspect that the number of failures attributable to constructors not following the plans and specs, using the wrong materials, inadequate attention to detail, etc., is high.

I cannot prove this but it stands to reason. The goal of an engineer and that of a constructor are radically different, and the constructor actually has the hardest task, obviously.

I would like to establish some sort of documented criterion for my belief. Any comments would be most welcome.