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Re: Was: Excel

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I have been writing my own spreadsheets since the MAC came
out in 1984.  I think what Mark is getting at may be that
should be some professional looking packages. This would
avoid possible errors, conditional stray paths, etc and would
look more professional.  I remember I helped a US engineer
with a Canadian reference to a problem--he sent me an
Excel copy of the problem.  I was impressed with his neatness
and speed--he sent the solution back in one day.  My
applications tend to be simple and basic.  Being an official
OF, I have never learned any neat or fancy tricks, as some
of the younger more computer literate engineers may have.
So I too would like to see some packages.  Perhaps someone
could sponsor a contest with a cash prize for the best
application. The CRSI did this with basic programs. What do
others think?

On 23 Oct 2004 at 10:32, Bill Allen, S.E. wrote:

> Mark -
> Just curious, but why don't you write your own applications in Excel?
> With the exception of your own investment of time, it's probably the
> cheapest option (short of pirating software) while maintaining the
> quality control and preferences you prefer. So far, I haven't found a
> problem in structural engineering that can't be solved in Excel
> (although some might require VBA).
> Regards,
> T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)	
> Consulting Structural Engineers	
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> V (949) 248-8588	 .	 F (949) 209-2509	
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> List,
> Is there not a structural calculation package for Excel?  Does anybody
> know of one?  Word doesn't seem like a natural platform for
> calculations and I would guess that most people on this list can do
> more with Excel than with Word for calculations.  Hopefully, an
> Excel-based package would be cheaper too.
> Mark Johnson

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