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Re: Was: TEDDS - Maintenance & Update (M&U) contact Now: Excel

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> Mark -
> Just curious, but why don't you write your own applications in Excel?

My favorite tools are ones I've written myself.  I've gotten some good ones from other engineers and cleaned them up too.  But, more is better.

I like Gary's idea about the contest.  An electronic library would serve this same purpose.  Getting people to contribute thier stuf can be a challenge.  I thinnk Dennis Wish has a thing like this going.  SEAINT has a small collection too.

but, a thing like TEDDS or a pakage of MathCAD things provide:
1. A sanity check
2. A good way to learn.  I like to see how others do it
3. Keeps you from making mistakes (even sane people do that)
4. Can save a lot of time once you get confidents in them

It may be true that an engineer with two watches can't tell you what time it is
in 25 word or less, however he won't miss the bus.

I bet more of this stuf exists if you just knew where to find it.