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Re: Live load / occupancy correlation

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> Now, if the average person (I consider my self average size) takes up a space
> of approximately 2 ft by 2 ft, and you pack into your 100 S.F. room elbow to
> asshole, you can stuff in 25 people into a room the size of my office.  Can
> it be done?  Sure.  Is it practical, probably not.  Now, give everyone a 3 ft
> by 3 ft area all to themselves, and you are talking approx. 11 people in the
> room.  A little more reasonable, considering the size.

I have one caveat to attach to Dave's comments:

Depending on the use of the structure, you might find that
such crowding is easily achievable.  For example, you have an office
(40 psf) that decides to host its annual holiday party in the office
this year instead of at a hotel somewhere. You're likely to get high concentrations of people in one zone, rather than spread out at their
cubicles in the cube farm.  Even though the area wasn't zoned for
assembly (100 psf), you start getting a pretty tight packing, especially
once everyone's significant other gets dragged into the picture.

We used to see this all the time when I was an undergrad at MIT.
The crew races would happen on the Charles River, and the pedestrian
bridges over the Charles would be loaded with people, cheek-by-jowl,
as we passed under.  It was a great motivator to pass under the bridges
at top speed.  The engineers in the shells took bets on how big the
FoS was on one bridge that constantly looked like it was about to
drop on us.  Of course, the bridge is still there as far as I know, so....

Just my $0.02,


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