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Re: Site Built Wood Trusses

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I would avoid the gang nailed thin plate option and use steel plates each side with bolts in double shear to design the trusses. The plates you see in wood trusses are applied at the plant under supposedly controlled conditions. The plates come from Mitek among others, and although you can find an ER report on the plates, I think you need the proper equipment for installing the plates. You just can't have the framer nail the plates, all the teeth have to be engaged. Also, trusses usually have machine graded wood whioch may be difficult and expensive to find. It may
be easier to substitute 4x material of lower grade.

Acie Chance wrote:


plates seam large due to the number of nails required.   I would like to
know what others have done for the connections for on site built trusses.

   Thanks in advance
   Acie Chance

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