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RE: Site Built Wood Trusses

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"To switch to steel or a reluctance to design probably follows from lack of
experience or not familiar with wood component products."

My recommendation to switch to steel had nothing to do with reluctance to
design or inexperience.  It was simply a matter of dollars and cents.  There
could be a cost savings with having steel trusses fabricated and shipped
either assembled, or even in pieces parts to be bolted or field welded
together.  You could have less truss at a further spacing apart, and you
wouldn't be spending "oodles" (yes, that's my technical term for the day) of
money on contractor labor cutting, fitting, and fastening wood trusses

I was merely thinking "outside of the box."  There is more than one way to
skin a cat, and if you can get it done cheaper, even with a potentially more
expensive material, and still get good performance from the final product,
why not at least explore that option a little.  Or, to put a twist on
things, do you feel that even neglecting to even consider a switch to a
different material, steel for example, or a reluctance to design with said
material follows from lack of experience or not being familiar with said
materials construction means, methods and procedures and components that go
along with it.

Dave Maynard, PE
Gillette, Wyoming
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