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RE: Pocket PC

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I too wish there were a device with more computing power than a pocketpc but smaller in size than a laptop.
Thanks for your input.
Keith De Lapp, P.E.
4995 Golden Foothill Parkway
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Keith -
There's a couple of comments I can based on my own experience, but I'm certainly not an expert in this area.
I've got AT&T GPRS service which will support wireless Internet either through the phone or through a CF card. I didn't get a Pocket PC with a CF slot thinking that SD was the "Next Greatest Thing". Of course, it still may be, but I don't think it's there yet. Anyway, connecting through my phone (using IRDA since my BT phone couldn't seem to communicate with my Pocket PC), it's pretty slow; about 80kbaud (on a good day). I've got a CF card (I purchased from AT&T) for my laptop which takes the SIM card from my phone and will connect to the same service. Speed is better (300kbaud on a good day). Based on this info, if you're really interested in wireless through your Pocket PC, I recommend getting one with a CF slot (which gives you a lot more options on many devices) and to lower your expectations on the Internet service you will get if you are used to broadband speeds.
The only other item I want to caution you about is that, I believe that BT is even less secure than wireless. So be careful how you use a BT connection, what information is on your BT enabled Pocket PC and, of course, take all of the appropriate precautions.
Good luck with your decision.
I still wish there was something between a Pocket PC and a laptop without having to spend $2k.
T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)
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