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Re: Expansion Joints for Aqueducts

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Hi Thomas,
Thank you for your reply. That is exactly what I have done, infact I have provided 3-layers of security. On top 1) hypalon membrane followed by elastmeric seal and PVC water stop embedded in concrete. Somehow our consultants want a real-world exampe of such expansion joints used in box-type aqueducts anywhere in the world. I hope that someone could provide with me a reference either from internet or in print format.
Thank you again,
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If I understand your situation correctly, you need to specify an embedded waterstop.  The following is a typical catalog from Greenstreak (there are many others):

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting

Hamid Mahmood <hamideng(--nospam--at)>

10/24/2004 10:43 AM

Please respond to

Expansion Joints for Aqueducts


I am designing some box-type aqueducts with expansion joints varying from 40
mm to125 mm. There are concerns about the water-tightness of normal
expansion joints with elastomeric/neoprene seals. I shall be grateful if
someone could provide me information/examples for expansion joints in
water-retaining structures esp. aqueducts/bridges. Maximum head of water is
2 m.

Thank you,


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