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Re: Opinions of an Egyptian American

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On Oct 26, 2004, at 8:09 PM, Keith De Lapp wrote:
I believe that as we continue to drain the swamp, those Islamic Fundamentalists who chose to take the place of their fallen brethren will also be killed, and you will see a big decrease in the insurgency.  Our only option is to give full support to American Military Forces and the Iraqi People.

A fairly chilling reminder of 1966. You could take the foregoing paragraph, change just a few words and it'd be exactly how another Texan justified sending people to Vietnam. LBJ and another whiz kid of a defense secretary were certain they was right, too, right up until the awful minute when they realized they were wrong. Different time, different war, different enemy, but the same thinking, same strategy, same ignorance of the enemy, same inability to turn a lopsided technological capability to advantage. And the same denial of the obvious.

I felt the same way about the Vietnam war in 1966 as a lot of people feel about Iraq today. We had right on our side; if we didn't fight them in Asia we'd be fighting them in Hawaii; the same attempt at a coalition and a tame government. And the same reassurances about the light at the end of the tunnel.

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