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Re: Opinions of an Egyptian American

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Mr. DeLapp
You typify the narrow minded brainwashed American that I thought eluded the Engineering profession. The Bush administration is in yet another senseless war of largely Americas own doing.
The sorry state of the middle east is in no small way due to initially British but now American constant interference in the Middle east, to protect Jewish interests and oil interests and to spread American Culture. To deal with their oil interests and the war on Russia, America has financed and militarily supported the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hosein, Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban forces amongst others. To deal with Jewish-America, the USA have assisted Israel in its war against Palestine which has increased Arab hatred of the USA and ignited the fuel of Arab fundamentalism.
The attacks such as 9/11 and other attacks on Embassies are perceived as retaliation not terrorism by the perpetrators because of Arabs lives lost and because they are trying to protect their lifestyle from the onslaught of the American cultural propaganda machine. Americans must attempt to be a little more broad minded in seeing what part their country has played in contributing to the terrorism that is taking place and that seeing that maybe the Bush administration has made the world a far more unsafe place for all people not just Americans.
It is my opinion that even without Western intervention, the Middle East would be a troubled place but Western intervention post World War 2 has made it expand beyond what would have been small boundaries.
A more peaceful Administration in my view would have more peaceful results in the long run. Protect yourself yes, but when you go to other peoples land and stir up trouble they will do the same in yours in whatever way they can.
It is my sincere hope that no matter who wins the next election there will not be the needless loss of American lives that has occurred over the past few years.The issue of how to deal with the Middle East is complex, it will never be solved, and getting rid of Saddam will not stop terrorism, a quantum leap in "live and let live" and a reduction in greed for money and power on all sides may help.
I do not expect my views to be popular on this list.
Mark Francois
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Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 8:09 PM
Subject: RE: Opinions of an Egyptian American

Mr. Grassley your comparison of the creation of new terrorists to drug dealers is seriously flawed and completely intellectually bankrupt.  I mean no disrespect, but you have to reconsider what you said.
You compared a market driven social ill to a religious war.  There is no war on Terror, for Terrorism is a method.  The world is in a war with Islamic Fundamentalists.  Most of the world doesn't know it is in a war yet, but Russia sure does.  Draining the metaphoric swamp in Iraq is not "CREATING more NEW terrorists/insurgents/militant radicals".  They obviously already exist.  I believe that as we continue to drain the swamp, those Islamic Fundamentalists who chose to take the place of their fallen brethren will also be killed, and you will see a big decrease in the insurgency.  Our only option is to give full support to American Military Forces and the Iraqi People.
Aside from the families and personnel of our Military, we here in the United States have experienced very little inconvenience in marshalling our response to Fundamentalist Islam.  We have an economy that is growing at 3.5 to 4%, long term interest rates in the range of 5%, unemployment at 5.5% or so, and a much deserved federal income tax decrease.  Yes of course we are incurring a deficit to defer the cost of our defense.  It seems as though our largest concern is having to watch the sacrifice made by others on the nightly news while we go about our daily lives.  History has taught us that Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness is not FREE.  Not in past, not now, and certainly not in the future.  It's not free to anyone.  It requires SACRIFICE.
Keith De Lapp, P.E.
KDL Engineering

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Subject: RE: Opinions of an Egyptian American


I hate to dive into this one ? and hopefully much of this political discussion on this list will die down a bit after the election (and ensuing lawsuits) are over.


To add my 2-cents to this subject?I agree with everything that was stated in this person?s assessment of our current military endeavor, HOWEVER ? looking at the situation a bit more critically, it certainly appears that we are rapidly CREATING more NEW terrorists/insurgents/militant radicals than may be worth the costs we are incurring.  I don?t think any American should feel any safer when one enemy is killed if two more step up to fill his place.  Unless of course we plan on setting up a permanent ?bug light? in the middle east for the next few decades.  And I?m sure no one wants that.


Just look at the pitiful successes of the ?drug war.?  Throw one dealer in jail, two more take his place.  Why doesn?t our government focus on the roots of the problem?why do drug USERS create such a demand for drugs?why do young Muslims hate our country so much that they are turning to suicide bombings??  Perpetual war is not a solution to either of these questions.


Eli Grassley