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Re: Structural Design in Excel

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I have to agree with Eric on this one.  I have tried
many of those over the counter programs, and I still
find the best ones are the one that I have written
myself in Excel.  Mine also have incorperated IBC,
AISC etc.  I rewrite as necessary, but find once I
have the main eqs down, it's basic to what I need. 
Try it, it's fun!!

Karis Barfield
Redhawk Consulting

--- Eric Tompos <etompos(--nospam--at)> wrote:

> What kind of structural software are you looking
> for?  I've developed
> functions that automatically import AISC properties
> and NDS design values,
> interaction diagrams on concrete columns, continuous
> beam analysis with
> graphical output, AISC eccentric bolt/weld factors,
> to name a few.  Some
> other useful functions generate IBC/ASCE 7 snow,
> wind, and seismic loads,
> and analyze all ASCE 7 load combinations and provide
> the governing uniform
> loads to other sheets for design.
> All functions work in all spreadsheets because they
> were written as an Excel
> 'add-in,' which loads when you open Excel.  I have
> spent years developing
> this software, but it is the only thing I have found
> that provides a good
> balance between speed and control (I don't like
> 'black-box' solutions).
> Eric Tompos
> NTA, Inc.

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