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Thanks Craig, well said!
I couldn't agree more, I have been speaking with recent GI's returning from Iraq, and none of them can understand  what they are seeing on TV.  They all say what is being portrayed in the media is not even close to what they saw happening in Iraq... imagine that...
I served in the first Gulf War myself, and was completely outraged when we left early and didn't finish the job.  Thanks to our weak stance, hundreds of thousands more were slaughtered, but of course you don't hear much of that on the news, it doesn't support their premise.  
But hey, thank god for the UN, I celebrated UN day by debating aimlessly for 23 hours and 55 minutes and then spent the last 5 minutes issuing ultimatums that were meaningless and I would never back up...
Best Regards,
Scott C. Bernard, EI
Associate Consultant
Rimkus Consulting Group (Tampa)


From: Craig Mleko [mailto:csmleko(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Mon 10/25/2004 18:05
To: seaint(--nospam--at)

Sorry to all you folks who don't want to hear political drivel, but as a former Marine with a cousin currently in harm's way, I just can't let this one pass.
But not mention how many people commit atrocities by invoking the name of God and in the name of religion. Look around and see how this is happening on both sides of the isle currently. One is cllaed a liberator and the other a terrorist. But, thousands of people are dying because of actions by both sides thinking they are on the right side of Ol' Mighty. 
Pull your head out from whatever dark place it's in, moron...
"Both sides of the isle"??  - As if Osama's murder of thousands of innocents and Zarqawi's repeated, deliberate, and brutal beheading of people (who were trying improve Iraqi's lives) are legitimate political endeavors equally as valid as our efforts in Iraq.
Do you really believe that the U.S. is committing atrocities while invoking the name of God? Please, elaborate if you can. If you can't, shut the hell up cause I'm tired of you lilly-livered "America Worst" crowd constantly pointing the finger at the only people willing to make the hard choices and sacrifices that keep YOU safe from these animals. Unless, of course, Abu Ghraib really compares to the torture and murder of hundreds of thousands. As we speak, the mass graves are being discovered all over Iraq. Let's not forget the uncountable deaths caused by Saddam's numerous wars against his neighbors and his own people.
We were attacked. And 9-11 wasn't the first time. It was simply the result of too many, like you, with their head where they shouldn't be...somewhere wishing to the point of dillusion that the world is really a friendly place where we should all just get along. What will it take for you and people like you? Would a nuclear bomb levelling Chicago be enough for you? Or should we all just keep trying to talk the U.N. into defending us, no matter WHAT happens. The same U.N. that has, from time to time, a huge vested interest in keeping tyrants like Saddam in power. The same U.N. that, by and large, fails miserably at most everything it tries to do without our help.
So sit back in your comfortable home, eat your warm dinner, and curse Bush for having the pair you know you lack. The world is a hard place, and hard men with guns are the only thing standing between you and those who would remove your head with the dinner knife your using, and then finish your dinner for you.
Craig Mleko