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RE: Opinions of an Egyptian American

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Well said
G. Dean PE

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I hate to dive into this one - and hopefully much of this political
discussion on this list will die down a bit after the election (and
lawsuits) are over.


To add my 2-cents to this subject.I agree with everything that was
stated in
this person's assessment of our current military endeavor, HOWEVER -
at the situation a bit more critically, it certainly appears that we
rapidly CREATING more NEW terrorists/insurgents/militant radicals than
be worth the costs we are incurring.  I don't think any American should
any safer when one enemy is killed if two more step up to fill his
Unless of course we plan on setting up a permanent "bug light" in the
east for the next few decades.  And I'm sure no one wants that.


Just look at the pitiful successes of the "drug war."  Throw one dealer
jail, two more take his place.  Why doesn't our government focus on
roots of the problem.why do drug USERS create such a demand for
drugs.why do
young Muslims hate our country so much that they are turning to
bombings??  Perpetual war is not a solution to either of these


Eli Grassley


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I was speaking to a prominent Egyptian American Muslim that lives in my
of the woods the other day and interestingly enough her opinion of the
in Iraq was this:


The battlefront of the war has been moved from lower Manhattan to a
thousands of miles away from our shores.  Our Military, who gets paid
protect the citizens of this country, are doing such by placing
in harms way on the other side of the globe.  Those who believe that
Musab al-Zarqawi would be back in Syria uninterested in attacking the
if he were not preoccupied with attacking our troops in Iraq are


And my thoughts in response were.I don't believe I have read above any
inbound weapons within our shores sense 9/11, so it appears things are
working so far.  Whether it was intended or not the presence of our
in Iraq appears to be acting like a bug light, drawing in insects from
around the area to one place, and eradicating bugs out in the open is a
easier than chasing them down in caves. My opinion.take it or leave
agree or disagree.


Matthew Stuart

Structural Dept. - Manalapan

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