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TEDDS 7.0 - Opinion

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I wrote last week to verify the cost of the Maintenance and Upgrade subscription fee required for some of us who never received the notice from CSC when our subscription lapsed. The problem with this is that a joint venture partnership was struck between Softek Inc. and CSC, Inc. The North American and Canadian (please correct me if I am wrong) support and distribution is now being handled by Softek in British Columbia. I e-mailed my Visa Number (minus the last four digits) to Softek and called them with the last four numbers to set up my order for the update that includes two years  - a year that I was behind and the current year good until next August. I received the order in the mail on Tuesday – 24 hours later.


My first thoughts were that this is a very clean and well coordinated upgrade. I did have a problem upgrading as you need to uninstall the previous version BUT NOT THE CSC SECURITY FILES. This was not very clear on the notes I received, but I followed word for word and only removed TEDDS 6.0. I could not get TEDDS to start up. After calling the Softek customer support, I discovered that the problem was due to MS Windows XP Upgrade #2. The fix was rather easy, Softek tech support Jeremy emailed me the files I needed to register the TEDDS security files and I was up and running in minutes.


There is tighter integration in the program that was not in the pervious version. It is easier to use your own templates or modify theirs with your logo. The toolbars have been tweaked with very minor changes, but they are obvious much easier to use when you realize that you need a unit like ft_lb and don’t recall how to write it up in TEDDS. A pull-down menu on the toolbar makes this much easier than locating it in the past version.


As with 6.0 you can use stand-alone calculations created by CSC but you can not modify them and save them. You can make changes, but these changes do not change the basic CSC calculation – it remains the same due to being programmed in a machine language that lets you overlay and use the results to create a new template, but once you re-run an analysis, the entire CSC calculation is removed from the sheet and re-run when changes of any small input is made.


The good news is that you can save User modified templates for use later – but the core analysis can not be modified. CSC combines the two and adds a “U” to the library that represents the User’s analysis. The downside is that there is only a small number of usable analyses in the wood section, more in steel and concrete but not a complete library.


TEDDS does have a Developers Software that is available upon request for those of you, like me, who would like to create their own libraries, databases and analysis not included in the TEDDS set. Don’t misunderstand, there is a load of analysis and materials properties, but it lacks many of the proprietary sections such as those from Trus-Joist, Roseburg, Webjoist and others.


The presentation of the stand alone analysis is much better than last version and includes graphics if you want them. They are well drawn and look very good in the analysis package.


I will report on the Development Software once I receive it and start to play with it. TEDDS is compatible with at least the last three versions of Word – 2000 to 2003. I am very pleased with the upgrade. Although subtle, the changes work smoothly and I do recommend that for $150.00 a year it is a reasonably priced maintenance subscription. The trick is to space them out so that you don’t spend one month income to upgrade all subscriptions at one time (remember AutoCad 2005 is $600.00 a year if you keep it up).


StruCalc is another who has a maintenance fee that provides a cash flow for these companies to keep developing their software. Some months ago I complained about this as they threatened (Autodesk not StruCalc) to no longer support three versions earlier in order to “force” you to upgrade. I resented this, but in hindsight for expensive software that I use regularly, $50.00 a month is not an unreasonable fee for an expensive CAD package as AutoCad. The changes are worth the cost in productivity but it takes some getting use to if you happen to be a rebel against authority as I am and feel compelled to spend the money whether I have it or not. I still can not put together my upgrade for Enercalc as we are getting close to the holidays where the money is needed by the family :>)


If you were not notified by Softek – consider giving them a call or e-mail them at:

Tel: (604) 273 7737

Fax: (604) 273 7731

E-mail: support(--nospam--at)

Web sites:


It is worth the cost if you use it as I do with other software to create my professional publishing and analysis software.





Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant



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