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RE: Gym Weight Room Loading Criteria

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I advise caution regarding wood gymnasium floors supported on flexible substrate - presumably to provide bounce and reduce injuries.  In some cases, local deflection from concentrated loads from equipment (e.g., portable basketball standards) can cause splitting of the wood flooring.  At Berkeley, a new basketball floor became badly cracked from rolling equipment, and was entirely replaced after just a couple seasons.
I do not know of any U.S. standards for this (then again, I haven't looked), but DIN has a specification for certifying new floor designs with a series of tests on a mock-up floor section, including a loaded wheel load test.  New gymnasium specifications in the US sometimes require the DIN certification for the floor system. 
Though this may be more of an issue for the architect and flooring subcontractor, you may want to give them a heads-up.  If you're interested, email me offline and I'll fax an English translation of the standard (assuming I can find it).
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Subject: Gym Weight Room Loading Criteria

Anyone aware of any guidelines available for the design of gymnasium floor systems to accommodate weight room equipment and weights (uniform load, concentrated load, impact from dropping weights, etc.)?

Thank you in advance for your comments.