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Re: Gym Weight Room Loading Criteria

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I am currently looking at a similar job, converting a sloping floor theater complex to a health club with level floors on the second floor of an existing building.  The building departments criteria is 100 psf LL (unreduced).  I concur that when you do the actual distribution of weights and people you get an actual load less than 20 psf. The building official may allow less than 100 psf, but then its got to be posted in the building and recorded.  The client isn't interested in that, since it limits flexibility to make floor plan changes to the health club to accomodate the latest fitness trends.
We are working with floating floors on rubber isolators to help eliminate noise and vibration transmission.  We have yet to get to the actual equipment layout, but I believe you end up putting more isolators in the area of the equipment to help support the load.
Mike Cochran
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Its usually 100 psf, but one I evaluated recently, when we added equipment weight and distribution, loaded with a large persons, it came to about 20 psf in reality.  It was an existing building designed for 80 psf -  we were trying to convince the officials to allow it..
Glenn C. Otto, P.E.
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Subject: Gym Weight Room Loading Criteria

Anyone aware of any guidelines available for the design of gymnasium floor systems to accommodate weight room equipment and weights (uniform load, concentrated load, impact from dropping weights, etc.)?

Thank you in advance for your comments.