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RE: [SPAM] - Country Factor on AASHTO Loading for Bridges - Please Help

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Never heard of this "country factor" thing before.
In Pakistan (and for that mattter in India and other parts of the sub-con), I believe they use Class A and
Class AA (70-Ton Tank-Track loading) for the design of bridges.
At least, this is what I knew before; although I am out-of-touch from the scene for quite some times now.
Can you update me if things have changed now?
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Subject: [SPAM] - Country Factor on AASHTO Loading for Bridges - Please Help - Bayesian Filter detected spam

    For designing of bridges, nearly every country is adopting her own specific design loads which are normally higher those specified by AASHTO loading.  As an alternate solution to have their own specifications written, a number of countries have now adopted AASHTO Specifications for designing of bridges along with a 'Country Factor', which is a multiplier ( 1.5 to 2.5) to cater for the local enhanced loading.
    I am writing a research paper on adoption of Country Factor, Could any one please let me know such details or its source related to Country Factors being adopted by different countries.
    Specially if you are in a Middle East country which has adopted AASHTO specifications with a specific Country Factor, please let me know its details.