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One Opinion

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I wanted to share the following thought from my friend. Interesting?
"Crude oil prices topped $55 per barrel a few days ago. The world consumes about 80 million barrels per day. Before Bush's misadventure into Iraq, the prices were in the $20s. You can calculate the direct impact of these unheard of increase in oil prices --- lets say $25 is the right price absent Iraq disaster and the $30 bump is equal to $2.4 billion per day or about $876 billion per year!!!! What a disaster ; pray for a fresh start on November 2nd. I can see arguements coming forth that the steep increase in oil consumption in China is the principal reason for the price increase but I think it is baloney. If Iraq were to pump 3+ millions per day, the price will drop like a rock. In the meantime, the oil company cronies of Bush are laughing all the way to the banks. What is the real incentive for Cheney to get peace in Iraq/world  and lower the oil prices?"

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