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Re: One Opinion

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I have been hoping this thread would go away.  This is a prime example of spin, limited information, and conspiracy theory all rolled into one. 
Let's blame world market oil prices on the President, and completely neglect the issues that have been occurring in Russia, which is the primary cause of the current oil price spike.
Can we get back to engineering?
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Sent: Thursday, October 28, 2004 5:40 AM
Subject: One Opinion

I wanted to share the following thought from my friend. Interesting?
"Crude oil prices topped $55 per barrel a few days ago. The world consumes about 80 million barrels per day. Before Bush's misadventure into Iraq, the prices were in the $20s. You can calculate the direct impact of these unheard of increase in oil prices --- lets say $25 is the right price absent Iraq disaster and the $30 bump is equal to $2.4 billion per day or about $876 billion per year!!!! What a disaster ; pray for a fresh start on November 2nd. I can see arguements coming forth that the steep increase in oil consumption in China is the principal reason for the price increase but I think it is baloney. If Iraq were to pump 3+ millions per day, the price will drop like a rock. In the meantime, the oil company cronies of Bush are laughing all the way to the banks. What is the real incentive for Cheney to get peace in Iraq/world  and lower the oil prices?"

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