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RE: Opinions of an Egyptian American

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Aren't you rewriting history if you leave out the fact that the US was drawn into WW2 as support for our European Allies who were attacked and directly threatened. There was a tremendous resistance in the US against getting involved in the war in Europe. However, I do entirely agree with your attitude of honoring those men (and now women too) who chose to serve in our Armed Forces, and I give the highest respect towards their duties.
I think I've overspent my 2 cents on this political issue on this list. That's all I've got to say on this one and no further. 
Thomas Honles, SE PE

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Goodness! How DID the U.S. survive the loss of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in 
World War II? After all, deconsructionist historians (read "the usual 
gaggle of 'progressives'") insist that poor Imperial Japan was ONLY 
reacting to our foreign policy!

And Germany didn't even attack us!

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