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RE: structural list??

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Interesting. I work for a utility, so the security concerns have always been present to some degree. What we've seen in contracts issued is mostly surveillance equipment and security force enhancements. The "hard" construction items began to be considered and incorporated into our work after the Oklahoma City bombing of the  Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building . I thought we would have more internal discussions about blast resistant construction and the like, but most of our security discussions since 2001 revolve around access control, which means fences, barriers and the appurtenant structures. Very little effect on the structural engineering work.
Thomas Honles, SE, PE
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Subject: RE: structural list??

We've picked up some security fencing projects from our local government entities.  Special types of fences, security bars over doors and windows of communication facilities, that kind of thing.
Bob G.
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Subject: RE: structural list??

How many of you on this list have seen direct effects/impact on your engineering business or practice from homeland security measures that have been undertaken since 9/11? I am thinking these would be things like structural changes to building layout, possibly material specifications, entirely new facilities and the like. Have you seen additional construction activity to support any security enhancements, or have you seen projects negatively impacted because of funds being reallocated?
I hope that gets us back on topic.
Thomas Honles, SE, PE