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Re: One Opinion

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As this list approaches 95% political & 5% engineering I sometimes feel that way too.  But I also enjoy reading the passionate views of other engineers, who are of course all intelligent, knowledgeable, and articulate folks.  :)   (At least until next Tuesday, when maybe it will all blow over.  Fat chance!)  I suspect that the messages on dedicated political sites are much more irrational. 

As an aside, I wonder what the marginal cost of the political messages is, on top of the basic cost of maintaining the list service.  In other words, once it's operational does the cost increase (significantly) when a flurry of "nontechnical" messages hits? 

I've been very surprised that this hasn't been cut off already.  I guess "the powers that be" realize that a few of us enjoy the diversion and/or "enlightenment" provided. 

Frankly, I would rather plow through a hundred unwanted emails daily than the half-dozen faxes I get (and pay for).


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As one of them, I would appreciate it if this level of political argument could be directed elsewhere.