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Residential Plan Drawings

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I am curious what level of effort you feel necessary when preparing and/or reviewing residential design plans.  This is a new topic of conversation in these parts where the international codes are just coming into effect.
As mentioned here before, the IRC falls short in prescribing a lot of structural information.  Once an EOR touches a set of plans, do they become resonsible for filling in ALL of the missing details?  Being new to this game, I am worried that I am not doing that.  But if I detail things like soil compaction %, special rebar details and nail patterns in typical framing conditions, builders are going to think I'm crazy.  And inspectors are going to have a feast on the contractors who don't comply.
It seems like there should be a middle of the road.  Can an engineer legitimately design the portions of the structure that really need it, such as load carrying components and roof beams, and leave it at that?  Is it okay to add a general note on the drawings that says something like "Areas of work not specifically addressed on these plans must meet (prescriptive) requirements of the current IRC and requirements of the local building official."
I appreciate that those of you in seismic and high wind country have to go the extra mile, but in this neck of the woods, these details seem overkill.  And who is going to pay several thousand dollars to have all of this work done?
Opinions and experiences greatly appreciated.
Jim Wilson
Stroudsburg, PA

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