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RE: The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer (Canada), Order of the Engineer (US)

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I graduated from the University of Wyoming here in the states, and we did have the "Order of the Engineer" ceremony.  I recall during the ceremony a story about a bride collapse partially because of an error in calculations that went unnoticed or unchecked.  As a reminder, a portion of rebar was taken from said bridge and cut into rings for all of the engineers, as a reminder of their obligation to the safety of humanity.  The Ring ritual has expanded beyond that as a calling to young engineers, that even though they are not licensed, they still hold this obligation.
I loved this portion of graduation as it gave what I went through the 4 years prior even more meaning.  The certificate is framed and hangs on the wall next to my diploma and PE Registration Certificate behind me.  I always wear the ring at work as a reminder of my obligation, and joins my wedding ring and watch as the only bits of jewelry that I wear.  Every so often, I run across a couple of other engineers here and there, and I always find myself looking at the pinky fingers, checking for that ring.  And there have been several times that I've been asked about my own.
I think this is a great ritual to go through as an engineer, both young and old.  There are so many engineers out there that have not gone through the "Ritual."  I think a good time to do this is would be at your state wide engineering conventions.  As is one of the original goals, it brings all of the engineering professions together.  I hope your quest is successful. 
If you are looking for some information, I would refer you to the Associate Dean at Univ. of Wyo., David L. Whitman.  You can contact him at whitman(--nospam--at)  He might be able to help you.  I never had him as a teacher, so I doubt he even knows who I am.  If you are looking for an in, maybe give Charley Dolan a shout at cdolan(--nospam--at)  You can toss my name to him, as he might even remember me.  To refresh his memory, tell him that I graduated in '98 and I was the kid from NY who sat in the back row of his Structural Analysis class.  He may remember, and always says he does when he sees me.  Anyhow, this might turn up some information and give you some options as to how you can spread the good word.  Best of luck.  If I can help you with anything else, let me know.
David Maynard, PE
Gillette, Wyoming
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Subject: The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer (Canada), Order of the Engineer (US)

Does anyone have any opinions on the "Order of an Engineer" in the US or the "Call of an Engineer" (Iron Ring Ceremony) in Canada?  Seems like we could all use something to unify us.  I'd love to garner support for this this cherished and solemn Canadian ceremony to be more fully embraced in the US.