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Re: You want Ketchup on your cow-pie?

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You guys still want to discuss this?

In summary: Your pals in Washington took us from a $300 billion surplus to a $500 billion deficit. Bush says he doesn’t have the money to guard the ammo dumps or inspect shipping containers and air cargo.  I get it! Bush wants us to pray that the RDX is headed for Iran’s nuke program & not U.S. ports/airplanes. Kerry wants rectify the situation by raising the fat-cat’s taxes. Bush wants more money back in tax cuts and let our kids/grandkids pay later (the one's that he doesn't get blown up).  Tuesday is a pretty easy choice for me.

Mrs. Kerry inherited her wealth and spends millions in philanthropy (no doubt tax deductible).  I’m sure that neither she nor Bush/Cheney has any intention of paying any more than what the tax code requires—I don’t either.  But I least I get to choose whether she gets any of my money (“You want fries with that?”). Nobody ever asked me about the $180,000 a year Cheney draws from Halliburton (By way of their trade with Iran and/or their no-bid/ fraudulent Iraq efforts).

I suggest that you pray for Bush.  The more you try to defend his record, the deeper the al- Caaca gets.

Chuck Utzman, P.E.


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