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Re: Post tensioning Detailing-Where and how?

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Preparation of the installation drawings for a post-tensioned building are an important part of post-tensioned construction.  In fact, they are the most important part.  They should only be done by someone with a very good understanding of what they are doing. 

You obviously are completely unqualified.  Could you please post the name of the post-tensioning supplier that is asking you to do this work, so that all of the engineers subscribing to this list can refuse to allow that supplier on any job with which they are involved.

And another question.  Why would anyone want to hire you, when they can have the same work done by your cousin back in India for 1/5th of the price.  Your cousin certainly couldn't do any worse than you.  

Gail Kelley

>While doing some work on RC Rebar detailing using ACI-315 >and CRSI specs, I have come across a building with Post >tensioned details of RC Truss and Floor slabs too. They have >provided the forces and asked us to carry out the detailing >of Tendons, Anchorage block design and Conflict resolution.

>Ths is the first time I have come across such a requirement >and I need to know what it takes to draw and detail such >structures.

>Which Code/ Book/ Software is suited to do 3d modelling of >such structures with rebars and Post tensioned tendons?

>Any help is greatly appreciated.
>Thanks In Advance,


>Nagesh Kumar C S

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