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Re: You want Ketchup on your cow-pie?

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At the risk of being asked, by Paul and Andrew, to stop continuing political discussions on this list, I must commend you for the summary.
Incidentally, you will find this amusing: Mark Louvan (who is the "great one" for Sean Hannaty)once said,"deficits don't matter as was proven by Ronald Raegan.." That epitomizes the mind set of conservative radio talk show hosts, the only kind heard over the air in OK.
PS: Apologies if I mis-spelled any names.

chuck utzman <chuckuc(--nospam--at)> wrote:

You guys still want to discuss this?

In summary: Your pals in Washington took us from a $300 billion surplus to a $500 billion deficit. Bush says he doesn?t have the money to guard the ammo dumps or inspect shipping containers and air cargo.  I get it! Bush wants us to pray that the RDX is headed for Iran?s nuke program & not U.S. ports/airplanes. Kerry wants rectify the situation by raising the fat-cat?s taxes. Bush wants more money back in tax cuts and let our kids/grandkids pay later (the one's that he doesn't get blown up).  Tuesday is a pretty easy choice for me.

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Mrs. Kerry inherited her wealth and spends millions in philanthropy (no doubt tax deductible).  I?m sure that neither she nor Bush/Cheney has any intention of paying any more than what the tax code requires?I don?t either.  But I least I get to choose whether she gets any of my money (?You want fries with that??). Nobody ever asked me about the $180,000 a year Cheney draws from Halliburton (By way of their trade with Iran and/or their no-bid/ fraudulent Iraq efforts).

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I suggest that you pray for Bush.  The more you try to defend his record, the deeper the al- Caaca gets.

Chuck Utzman, P.E.


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