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RE: Soil Erosion Control Info

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Your concern about the slope stability of the soil is well founded. Just a couple of weeks ago, a sleeping 3 year-old child was killed by a 500lb boulder which came free and tumbled down a hill into a house in West Virginia. The preliminary findings were that the company and contractor had insufficiently stabilized the mining (?) road being cut into the hillside, resulting in the damage.

At 01:44 PM 10/29/2004 -0700, you wrote:

Thank you for your response.  I presumed Caltrans would have info on
this but did not know where to look for.

The owner had the contractor dig the pathway; however, the contractor
dumped the excavated soil on the side of the path.  The slope of the
fill (fill not compacted)  is definately greater than 1:1.  The fill
height is about 4 feet.  My concern is that this uncompacted soil could
roll down.  There are houses at the end of the slope.  The length of the
slope may be about 500 ft.  My immediate concern is to prevent any soil
rolling down to the houses below.

You indicated that the fibre roll is for short slopes and slopes
flatter than 3:1.  What is your defination of a short slope?  Anyway,
the existing slope of the hill is 2:1; I guess fibre rolls is out of
question here.   What alternatives do I have - silt fences, etc.  I am
currently having a new survey done to locate areas I can dump the
excavated soil along the path.

Also, you indicated that the rolls are good for flow less than 1cfs.
Where would I get the rainfall data (amount and time so I can come up
with a possible flow)?  The project site is in the San Francisco Bay

Gautam Manandhar, SE

Jordan Truesdell, PE

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