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Re: I watch Fox News only. Was: You want Ketchup on your cow-pie?

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Eli Grassley wrote:


That is truly a disgraceful statement by someone who was entrusted with helping to lead our great nation. I hope the people of Kentucky heard that statement.

I suggest rather than simply believing such a statement on the face of it, you ought to reserve judgement with skepticism. "Sound bites" and quotes lifted out of context have become the weapon of choice in the present-day political fray.

The fact of the matter is that Fox News Channel reported this story, so either Mr. Bunning had not watched the news ENOUGH, or the quote you're referring to is out of context or completely in error.

Too much "political gotcha" on all sides. It's ridiculous. The issues are far too important for this.

I might make mention of the FACT that Mr. Kerry has been stumping the country all week declaring that Mr. Bush was "asleep at the switch" in the matter of the allegedly missing munitions. He was of course going solely by the story as told by the biased MSM, rather than the full account as told by others (including, of all sources, CNN).

Had he taken the trouble to be informed, Mr. Kerry might have noticed that the "embedded" NBC reporter with the 101st Airborne that was supposed to have had the first units to reach the site in question, had already reported that the munitions were not even THERE, meaning they had been removed earlier, probably while Saddam was still in control.


Didn't matter to Mr. Kerry; he and his minions even released a TV ad continuing with the charges which had already been determined to be false.

In fact, CBS apparently was going to release this story this weekend as an "October Surprise" on 60 Minutes but producers killed it, afraid that in the wake of the fraudulent memo story the network couldn't stand another such scandal. Jeff Fager, executive producer of the Sunday edition of 60 MINUTES, said in a statement that "our plan was to run the story on October 31, but it became clear that it wouldn't hold..."


Did you know that? If not, why not?

Now we learn that in fact elements of the 3rd Infantry Division had reached the site two or three days earlier, had captured what apparently was the bulk of the munitions (250 tons), and that they had been appropriately destroyed.


Did you know that? If not, why not?

In fact, it has also been reported that intelligence satellite photographs of the Al Qa Qaa munitions dump site show tractor-trailer trucks pulled up to the storage bunkers, and the intel analysis indicates they came shortly after Saddam's regime kicked out the IAEA inspection team that was tagging the explosives for removal and destruction.


Did you know that? If not, why not?

The HMX explosives are a primary component of fusion reaction nuclear weapons. Saddam was not even supposed to have them. Possession of them and refusal to allow their destruction was a violation of the U.N. mandate and of the cease-fire accords, and is grounds for military action. In other words, that one situation was a clear and compelling reason for the U.S. military action all on its own. Yet there are many such instances clearly reported by U.N. inspection team reports.

Did you know that? If not, why not?

So out of the 450 tons that were reported by the IAEA to have been at the site, 250 tons were destroyed by the U.S. Army. What happened to the rest? I refer you to the satellite photos of the trucks at the site two days after the IAEA inspection team was kicked out, and ask that you reason it out.

I also ask that you consider what might have happened to the rest of the WMDs that we now know, through these and other such stories, which the MSM refuses to report fully or to emphasize (since they favor John Kerry's election and will do anything to help in that cause), were there just as the supposedly "erroneous" intelligence reports had said. The fact is that they were taken away, to Syria and Iran and perhaps other places. And they are undoubtedly in the hands of America's enemies because the U.N. and the U.S. left hampered Mr. Bush's efforts to disarm Saddam peacefully, and would rather perpetrate their lies--which you are spewing here and at other times--than protect the interests of peace against terrorists and maniacal dictators.

Because the United States invaded Iraq, more than 100,000 tons of munitions, many of them proof of Saddam's violations of the U.N. mandates, have been destroyed in Iraq.


Did you know that? If not, why not?

I would point out that John Kerry is a very intelligent and well-informed man. He DOES know all these things, and were he elected President I have no doubt that he would "reveal" all of them as proof of his "success" in the war on Terror--and you would finally hear the truth of what is going on in Iraq from the MSM.

But he would rather perpetrate a lie to advance his candidacy, because power is far more important to him than the safety of this nation, and definitely more important than truth. Hedging his bets, of course, he did not (as Mr. Dole did in 1996) resign his Senate seat, and no one in the MSM has even thought to question him on that fact.

And you're upset that a Congressman sticks to Fox News?

N.B. I don't even watch television news AT ALL. I stay informed by listening to talk radio which, contrary to the snide remarks many of you make, is a great place to hear news you won't hear anywhere else. But mostly, I stay "tuned" to the Blogosphere and Internet alternate news sites.

And lest you continue the sneering, note that all the items above are well-sourced with quotes, names, dates, etc. It isn't that this news is bogus. It's that the MSM doesn't put one thing out on the airwaves or on newsprint that does not fit the agenda of supporting the election of John Kerry.

I predict after Tuesday, no matter who is elected, you're going to begin hearing LOTS of things you never heard prior to the election as the MSM agenda machine settles down of a year or so before cranking up again for the next election cycle.

Anyone who gets their news from the NYT, LAT, WP, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN etc., is unwittingly ignorant.

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