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Re: I watch Faux News sometimes

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I would probably agree that anyone who gets their news exclusively from the NYT, LAT, WP, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN etc., is unwittingly ignorant. But someone who completely ignores them is intentionally ignorant.  You are living in an echo chamber.  In such polarized times it's hard to avoid & I confess to a similar problem myself (although I do watch Faux daily). I also agree that the internet is a wonderful resource if you are willing to dig a little.  Relying on Rev. Moon's Washington Times or the Drudge Report hardly passes as informed.  It seems that we are both sorely disappointed in what passes for news coverage today.  I have chosen to augment conventional sources & you have chosen to close your eyes.

If you had watched the Pentagon briefing today or seen the embedded reporter's video shot on April 18
you would see that you've been badly misinformed.   The troops that passed through had no idea that these high explosives were there. This site is the size of  Manhattan & they weren't looking for IAEA seals or HMX.  Today's briefer admitted that they saw no seals and didn't know if  they'd destroyed any of  explosives  in question. This was a very low priority item for Rummy.  Basically the Pentagon doesn't know what happened & they admitted it today--& since this stuff went missing a year ago that ought to tell you something.

But there isn't really much point in arguing about the details of this particular incident. (Although I'd be happy to provide you with links to better factual sources, I doubt that you are really interested.) The real point is that we had 3500 troops assigned to guard about 900 sites & it wasn't nearly enough. On the News Hour tonight the Times reporter pointed out that there were somewhere between 650,000 & 1 million tons of munitions to guard & we wound up with about half of it.  The other half million tons will be used by the insurgents to kill our troops & allies for years to come.  If we are lucky none of the missing 380 tons of high explosives will windup on airliners.

Post-war security was a farce & if you had turned on your TV you'd have seen the live reports of the unguarded munitions dumps & rampant looting.  Buildings were stripped down to shells.  Bio-labs & nuclear sites were stripped bare.  If you can honestly argue that Bush/Rumsfeld have handled this competently I truly feel sorry for you. 

Chuck Utzman, P.E.