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Re: Post tensioning Detailing-Where and how?

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Although I was a little bit wary of Gail's last comment, my first reaction was to find the website.  I could not. 

We all learn, and have to do something for the first time.  But you would think that on projects like the one discussed (unless it is a residential slab, and even if it is), there would be at least some guidance from the supervisors.  Is there one here? 

The whole affair looks a little bit scary indeed. 

Thanks Gail.

Steve Gordin





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Sent: Saturday, October 30, 2004 10:13 AM
Subject: Re: Post tensioning Detailing-Where and how?

I went to the web page for and looked at the resumes of the 'Management Team.' And I guessed, based on both the quality of the English and what was written about the individuals. 

The resume for the 'Vice President Techno Commercial' says he "post graduated in Engineering Management in USA". 

The Chief Operating Officer "is a Masters in Structural Engineering and also member of prestigious international institutes like ACI ( American concrete institute ) and CRSI (Concrete reinforcing steel institute)."

The individual who posted the question and someone else are postgraduates in structural engineering.

But maybe I am wrong,  I am still waiting for answers to my questions.  Maybe these individuals did not attend graduate school in the US in order to buy their way to green cards.

However, if you think my first two paragraphs are only "sort of relevant" you have never worked in post-tensioning.  Incompetence can get someone killed.  And has.

Gail Kelley

>I think your third paragraph is out of line.  Your first two
>paragraphs are sort of relevant, but in the third, you
>get personal.  How do you know he is from India and not
>a 3rd generation American?  Are you just going by his

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