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RE: Opinions of an Egyptian American

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I’ve kept my mouth (or thoughts) shut until this post by – can you believe it – TOM FOOLERY. The Anti-Semite doesn’t even have the balls to give his right name. I looked at his link and it is also an Anti-Semitic website that does not have the guts to identify who they are and where they are located (and neither did Mr. Foolery).

This is over the top for intellects who wish to carry this discussion with factual information and with respect for each side. I didn’t think that Shafat Qazi would allow (and I doubt he looks over every name on the List subscribers) an alias to be used to get on this List. I would certainly hope that Shafat would remove this member from the list in respect for the Jewish subscribers who are willing to debate fact and not against a hatemonger such as this.



Dennis S. Wish, PE


Dennis S. Wish, PE

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"Apathy is Lethal!" Speak out and Vote - but make sure you getthe facts right without the spin from either side; Verify their claims at FactCheck.Org;


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Much of that aid money comes right back to the US via military and infrastructure contracts. There is also a commonly held view in the oil industry that Kuwait was using directional drilling procedures to obtain oil from within Iraq borders.


You are right! Most of the money comes back to US, but not in US treasuries, but in the treasuries of multinational companies.
It is a different story when it comes to Israel. Israel gets billions of dollors each year from US tax payers. Other countries listed in other posts also get money, but in installments, but Israel is treated specially. Israel gets the money right at the beginning of the fiscal year.
Israel does not need the money right away so it invests the US aid money in the US by buying US Tresury Bills and earns hefty interest which is increasing each year. Per one estimate I read on the net, every working American pays alomst $500 to each Isreali citizen each year.
Because of increasing US budget deficit, the country is partly "owned" by countries like Israel, Saudi Arab, China, etc, and people like Saudi families, Saddam (until a while ago when he was Rumsfeld's pal) who have heavily invested money in US. The money is used by our government to run the day to day business.
By the way:
Why US gives money to Egypt? Because Egypt agreed to stop the war with Isreal
during 70s.
Why Saddam was powerful? US gave its node to kill its emenies (Kurds and Sunnis) by supplying with Chemical Weapons (how many liters? Ask Mr. Powel and Rumsfeld)
If you like to read more, you can search on google, particularly about the topics "what US tax payers should know"
One site is:

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