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RE: I watch Fox News only. Was: You want Ketchup on your cow-pie?

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I would rather trust the judgement of someone who read a national paper only on Sunday, than someone who bases his source of information on FoxNews nightly sound bites. If I were from Kentucky, I would be embarrassed at having a national-level leader who did not read the paper for six weeks straight. 

Why such illiteracy could lead to being foolishly misinformed... even to the point of mangling and littering the English language with malapropisms and mispronounced terms of common speech! Oh, shucks, we're already there...


P.S. The vigor of the political views expressed on this list give me hope in the election process. Although after Nov. 2, we do have to get back to engineering, please.

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See what happens when you watch Fox News only-
Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning said that he was unaware of reports that a unit of Army Reserve soldiers in Iraq had refused an order to deliver fuel for reasons including that their trucks were lightly armored. 
"I don't know anything about that, " Bunning said during a news conference ..."Let me explain something: I don't watch the national news, and I don't read the paper. I haven't done that for the last six weeks. I watch Fox News to get my information."