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Re: I watch Fox News only. Was: You want Ketchup on your cow-pie?

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Honles, Thomas wrote:

I would rather trust the judgement of someone who read a national paper only on Sunday, than someone who bases his source of information on FoxNews nightly sound bites.

The point is that this election year has been far less about Mr. Bush or Mr. Kerry, and a great deal MORE about the MSM.

CBS' transparent attempt to influence the election through bogus memoranda that Internet bloggers in their pajamas were able to prove as forgeries, ABC's Mark Halperin telling his subordinates that in his opinion, "Bush lies more than Kerry, so we're going to ignore Kerry's lies," the media"s refusal to examine Kerry's Senate record--much less his days as an "anti-war activist"--and the apparent fact that he was "not honorably discharged" from the Navy, etc....

When negative stories about Mr. Kerry surface from "irregular" sources like Swiftboat Vets for Truth, the MSM goes into action immediately, investigating the investigators and making unsubstantiated claims that their "claims are unsubstantiated." To this day I have not seen a single shred of counter-evidence against the allegations made by the SwiftVets--only criticisms of the organization itself (and if you can point me to substantive criticisms, I'd be glad to see it).

But when a batch of memos purportedly about Mr. Bush's bad times in the TANG come over the transom, we're told that "we need to focus on the allegations not on the sources." Didn't matter that the guy who perpetrated the fraud was a Democrat operative with an long history of axes to grind against Mr. Bush.

What's wrong with this picture?

All these have given rise to a deep distrust of the MSM on the part of a large number of people. No one cares if one's candidate is given a publi proctology exam. But you'd better believe they take notice when (as a recent report by Center for Meda and Public Affairs revealed) that the number of negative stories about Mr. Bush--59 percent--is about equal to the number of POSITIVE stories about Mr. Kerry--62 percent.

People are not as stupid as the MSM thinks they are. And all most people want--no matter their political leanings--is a level playing field and the sense that the MSM is not itself playing politics.

If the MSM are starting to suffer from the effects of this distrust--as the circulation and viewship figures suggest--they have only themselves to blame.

I don't spend much time with TV news, but when I HAVE taken the time to watch Fox News Channel, I have noted that you have about equal representation of opinion on both sides. You will not find that anywhere else on the dial, and the viewership numbers of Fox News Channel indicate that others feel the same way I do.

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