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folded plate stair design

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Dear Organization,

I am looking to design a folded plate rc stair.  And to me the design
seems fairly straight forward.  I am looking at a single stair, and
analyzing it for the forces that come into it from it's span and the
weight that the individual span is supporting from the above stairs
(1/2 the stair and live load or even the whole stair and live load for
conservative case).

I have two questions:
1.  I would like to get away with one mat of steel in a 5" slab. 
About the reinforcing, for development length, if I use one span of
steel, do I need to look at hook development at each stair?  Or can I
look at the single rebar as having its development length from the end
of the entire staircase, even though the rebar is bent at each stair?

2.  Any other considerations I need to look at?

Manuel Bernal

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