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Re: Post tensioning Detailing-Where and how?

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I think we can do with fewer racist bigoted hateful postings.  If we are really concerned about safety I am sure that  we have much more of a problem with native born incompetent engineers than with outsourcing.

Mark Gilligan

Actually, I have posted several times to this list, to comment on what I consider incompetence of what (at least from their names) would appear to be native-born engineers.   

And if it is acceptable for a recent immigrant to say we should all do everything we can to stop outsourcing, I think it should be acceptable for me to say I think immigration limits should go back to what they were before 1965, because I think I would be better off if the work was outsourced, rather than done by immigrants.  Because that is the key issue: outsourcing versus immigration. 

I personally consider speaking, reading, and writing English to be a key competence for an engineer in this country.  And that means speaking in such a way that people don't have trouble understanding what you are saying.  I have worked with engineers where I could not understand their accent, when I was sitting next to them.  If a contractor calls from the job site with an emergency,  is he or she likely to be able to communicate with them?

And I still do not understand how outsourcing is a threat to structural engineers.  Maybe very limited portions, for example, truss design can be outsourced, but how can you outsource the design of a parking garage in Rhode Island? You could outsource the drafting,  but that is not really a huge threat to most structural engineers.

Gail Kelley

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