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Re: Post tensioning Detailing-Where and how?

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I hardly ever get into these non-structural list "discussions", but any criticism of immigrants should be tempered by the fact that Native Americans are the only REAL non-immigrants. Immigration and the associated bigotry in the US is therefore merely a function of arrival time. I am quite grateful for the tolerance of my Native American friends.

By the way, the Germans, Swiss, and French started developing PT. It really took off after WW II. Great engineers like TY Lin helped further develop PT in this country.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: Re: Post tensioning Detailing-Where and how?
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 13:16:09 -0600

There have been techically significant contributions to this list made by Gail Kelley, however bigotry and racism also come through in these contributions.

She of all people should be aware of the significant contribution to Structural Engineering made by Immigrants/People with strange names/ People with foreign accents. This category could include Engineers such as Birjan Aalami , S.K.Ghosh, Farzad Naeim, Kit Miyamoto and Ashraf Hasibullah. These engineers are educating those with "born in America names". If Gail's immigration policy were in place they may not be in America and maybe one of her very good publications( with Dr.Aalami) would not have been written.

Mark Francois

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Subject: Re: Post tensioning Detailing-Where and how?

Agree 100 % thanks Chris. I just wish people ( Particularly Gail )
here in USA just learn to live with the whole world and do not think
that engineers in other countries are any inferior or worst!  There
are bad apples every where in the world!



On Mon, 1 Nov 2004 10:13:41 -0600, Christopher Wright
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On Nov 1, 2004, at 9:44 AM, Arvind Bisarya wrote:

> It was definitely not an immigrant nor was the job outsourced !
I think if you'll look at deaths resulting from earthquake and
storm-related structural failures, you'll find that the Hyatt collapse
is one of the worst in the US, only recently. Disasters like the
Johnstown flood or the 1906 San Francisco earthquake had far worse
tolls, although there's no way now to sort out deaths from structural
failures from those caused by ensuing fires.

If you looked a little further at the tens of thousands of people who
died in Asia in earthquake- or storm-related or other structural
collapses because of substandard design, you wouldn't find much
offshore-outsourced engineering either.

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