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Re: Post tensioning Detailing-Where and how?

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At no point in time did I say that "engineers in other countries are any inferior or worst!"

I said nothing about engineers in other countries.  What I said was that I consider the ability to speak, read, and write English a key competence for an engineer in this country.  And I think the very high percentage of "foreign-born Americans" in engineering and engineering-related positions has created problems in that respect.  It has certainly been a problem for me,  when I try to read a research report and I can't,  not because I don't understand the topic,  but because I can't understand the writing.

I also have a problem with people who are presumably here on student visas setting up drafting businesses,  but that's a different issue.

Gail Kelley

And I don't have any Native American friends to thank for their allowing me to live here,  but personally I think that argument is kind of idiotic. 

But here's another question - presumably Canadians have stolen Canada from the native Canadians, Mexicans have stolen Mexico from the Aztecs, and all the Caribbean islands were stolen from their respective native populations.  Why don't we ever hear any discussion of that?

And just for the record,  probably the smartest engineer I have ever met happens to be South African.


>Agree 100 % thanks Chris. I just wish people ( Particularly >Gail ) here in USA just learn to live with the whole world >and do not think that engineers in other countries are any >inferior or worst!  There are bad apples every where in the >world!



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