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Re: Post tensioning Detailing-Where and how?

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Ashraf was giving extension courses in dynamic analysis in the early 70's at UC Berkeley's extension courses. T.Y. Lin taught a prestress concrete course at Sacramento State in 1958. Kit Miyamoto was probably still in grade school.

Ashraf's lectures were excellent; perfect English.

My structural professor at Cal Poly was Hans Mager in the 50's. Pretty difficult to understand but because we had to pay so much more attention to what he was trying to say, we picked up a lot more. We didn't realize that we were getting some stuff years ahead of the other schools at that time because he was from northern Europe. Hans introduced us to Torroja, Candela, Nervi and Corbu. The school itself brought in Bucky Fuller - I got to listen to him twice, then later he worked with the architecture seniors in my class - I remember listening (over and over ) the recordings of all of his discussions about a project that they were doing.

We were also introduce to Bauhauss and Walter Gropius. College at that time was pretty exciting and challenging because we were being turned on by these people and we were able to design some of these types of structures and in some cases, build some of them. (See Poly Canyon). This is where we learned about Vierendeel and I've talked about some of the guys building a wooden-steel rod version in an earlier conversation and where we got to build the first geodesic dome on the west coast. Nobody was questioning where these ideas were coming from.

Neil Moore, S.E.
neil moore and associates

At 04:55 PM 11/1/2004, you wrote:
I doubt whether any of those I mentioned i.e, Birjan Aalami , S.K.Ghosh, Farzad Naeim, Kit Miyamoto and Ashraf Hasibullah were in the US in 1965, some would not even have qualified in engineering at that time.

mark francois

>Stephen Prokofyevich Timoshenko. If you call a god by the >wrong name >all of your structures will collapse. And while >we're naming immigrant >engineering greats you want to >remember Den Hartog, Hetenyi, Nadai and >H.S. Tsien. And Dr >Heinz Gorges to whom I owe a great deal.
Christopher Wright P.E.

Actually, I believe most (all?) of these people immigrated before 1965. As did T.Y Lin and Fazlur Khan. So, while they have made tremendous contributions to the US, they're not really a good argument against my proposed immigration policies.

And I haven't heard of Nadai, but I highly recommend Den Hartog's books.

Gail Kelley

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