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RE: Post tensioning- Clarifications.

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Ladies and Gentlemen and everyone else on the list,

It is about time you lot stopped snipping at each other for every comment made and interpreted completely out of context.

My original reaction to this email from Nagesh Kumar was similar to Gail's technical comments (not the cousins bit). In summary, the original email said that he had taken on a shop detailing project for PT slabs and was basically asking how to do it stating that he had no experience with PT, only RC members. And he wanted to know how long until he would be proficient at this task after reading our learned comments.

Some RC shop drawing is often done by people with very low level engineering design experience and skills (ok, time to take a couple of words out of context from the entire sentence and attack me before reading on). PT shop drawings require an experienced PT designer to do them properly. This is not something you learn overnight while the client is waiting on the other end of the internet for his drawings as appeared to be the case here. I know it is not always the case that PT designers are doing the shop drawings but it should be. In fact, the shop drawings should be prepared by the actual designer as should RC and Steel shop drawings and then we would not be having this discussion and the job would be done properly (depending on the competence of the designer) or at least as he intended it.

If, as Nagesh Kumar says in his latest email,
"We are skilled, competent and would have our designs and drawings checked/ approved by a panel of Professional Engineers before shipment, if we were not sure. "
then these people doing the review must be experienced PT designers to do the review properly. Why can't they teach Nagesh Kumar and his people how to prepare PT shop drawings? Or do they know as little about PT design as he does (along with 95% of the engineering population of the world). If this is the case, the review is useless.

I just hope he does not simply start using computer software to overcome his lack of understanding of PT design and push out shop drawings without really understanding what he is doing or Gail's worries might be proven true. Enough people do this already, all over the world. We do not want another person doing it if it can be avoided.

At 11:15 PM 1/11/2004, you wrote:
What could have been a contributor to this list is now gone, thanks to Gail.

Will Haynes, P.E.

From: Nagesh Kumar <csn(--nospam--at)>
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Subject: Post tensioning- Clarifications.
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 04:42:48 -0800 (PST)

Dear all,

 Thanks to the 'warm' welcome extended to me by Gail and others, I wish to clarify as under:

I am a Post Graduate Engineer with 23 years of experience of having worked in three countries other than USA and India, well versed in Rebar and Steel and wish to learn about Post tensioning. A respected PE suggested that this forum has well-qualified and experienced Structural Engineers on it and it would be my best bet.

I was looking for technical information on a pilot project (Not? live') which came our way and that's the reason for my post. It was a polite request. Nothing else.

But most replies I have got have been anything but technical and have been irrelevant and ?irreverent? covering my country, my countrymen, fees, my company, my colleagues...just about anything you could throw at me for asking... Pray, was asking for technical help / info / guidance from well established and learned peers, a sin on this forum?

A few useful replies have come in to me privately and ADAPT software guys are one of them. I thank them all for being so courteous.

Ms.Gail, all your fears about incompetence causing deaths etc was a bit of overkill as far as my request was concerned. We are skilled, competent and would have our designs and drawings checked/ approved by a panel of Professional Engineers before shipment, if we were not sure. That is more than most would do (1/5th of price or otherwise!)

  Anyway, I apologise for the inconvenience and choose to humbly unsubscribe from the forum. Period.

(I request you to refrain from further posts on this topic. Thanks.)

With Best wishes,

Nagesh Kumar

Nagesh Kumar C S
V.P- Engineering
Secad Soft Solutions P Ltd
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