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Re: Post tensioning Detailing-Where and how?

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>What was the condition before 1965 and after 1965 that you keep referring to?  I'm not very familiar with the requirements for immigration and would appreciate clarification to better understand this thread.

Lloyd Pack, PE

If you do a google search on 1965 immigration law,  you will find quite a few hits.  I don't want to cite any particular article, because most of them are written by people with strong opinions on one side or the other.  Or strong opinions about how the changes have affected a particular nationality.

However, there has been a substantial increase in immigration since 1965.  And what is usually mentioned as a major change in 1965 is "family reunification",  which is where someone who has gotten a visa is then allowed to sponsor  family members such as adult siblings.  And the quotas have all kind of preferences for these family members.  So, in essence,  the immigrants themselves are deciding who gets to immigrate here.  The result is not diversity - a lot of countries are getting left out of the immigration stream.   

Another change was that engineers are considered a specialized occupation that is given preference, so it is fairly easy for someone who comes here for a master's degree in engineering to stay here.  A lot of people don't think this preference is fair.

With respect to my original post,  my intent was not to insult engineers or drafters or anyone else in India.  My point was that the post-tensioning supplier did not appear to have any concern about the quality of the drawings,  and presumably the objective was  to save money  by outsourcing the drafting,  rather than spending the money to hire and train someone.   And if saving money was their concern,  it would probably be cheaper for them to have the work done somewhere outside the US.
Gail Kelley