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Outsourcing to India - Some bare facts

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We are a group of Indian steel detailers who have worked on US , Canadian and British projects over last few years and have been subscribers of both seaint and steel-detail lists(On yahoo groups). We have read many interesting and mutually beneficial topics being discussed on these forums with growing interest and admiration.

Of late, though, we observe a lot of time and effort is being spent on posting on Outsourcing to India and other countries. Many posts even border on ?hate mail? category.

We steel detailers belonging to various companies in India have worked hard and have delivered thousands of tons of steel on detailed shop drawings to many clients in NY, NJ, VA, MD, MA, CT and other Eastern states besides CA on the west coast.

We have earned accolades from most of the fabricators and even Professional Engineers and EORs for our accurate and timely delivery and for having asked relevant and appropriate questions to ensure proper project flow through focused RFIs .

We use high end Industry specific 2d and 3d software like X steel (Licensed copies) , SDS-2 , Prosteel for structural steel, RebarCAD, aSa, GT Strudl for rebar and engineering besides AutoCAD latest version. We make customized Shop and erection drawings and ship them using High speed Internet directly to customers? mail boxes or FTP sites. We have had very few complaints if any from American fabrication and Engineer community so far and have had many repeat orders and many of our companies have earned goodwill of clients to become their default in-house detailers.

We have very interesting and informative websites too, a few of which are listed below:


These are big International detailing companies from India and not some ?small time? outfits. Outsourced Detailing and Engineering, without mincing words, is now simply ?big time?.

Even Bechtel has an India development Center (

Indian IT giants Like Infosys, Wipro, TCS etc export millions of dollars worth software to USA annually on a routine basis. Medical transcription offices and Call centers boom in hundreds daily all over India, courtesy American and Multi national companies.

Most US software giants including Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, HCL and others have huge Software development centers in Bangalore (considered India?s Silicon Valley), and Hyderabad employing thousands of Indians at all levels. These engineers visit USA on company work in thousands routinely too. NASA is said to employ Indian scientists in hundreds, most of them in key posts.

Such being the acceptance level of Indian technocrats in Present-day US Software industry, it seems only the PE community belonging to Structural engg such as on these forums has somehow remained immune to this obvious phenomenon and still treats Indian detailers as pariahs (?) and talk disparagingly about their work

Out-sourcing and global participation, dissolution of geographical and racial barriers is a global phenomenon and is irreversible.

If this community too accepts the hard working and talented Indian community like IT has, healthier moods and times will prevail on these forums too.

With Regards

Steel Detailers Community members

US and India

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