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RE: Plywood diaphragm with Light gage

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During the Spring of 2004, testing of a floor diaphragm was started by Verco Steel Manufacturing.  The floor assembly consisted of light steel joists with a shallow Vercor Steel decking, 5/8" thick Dens-Deck gypsum material with the walking surface of 5/8" plywood or Homasote.  The sandwich floor assembly was designed to provide a light weight, fire and acoustically rated assembly that would eliminate the requirement for the light weight concrete topping.  You may learn about the diaphragm testing results by contacting myself or Jeff Martin at Verco Steel Manufacturing in Antioch, California.
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Subject: Plywood diaphragm with Light gage

Some time ago (probably over a year ago) I had posted a question regarding using plywood as a horizontal diaphragm when supported by light gage framing.  I understand that there are values for this system for shear walls, but none published in the IBC for diaphragms.  When I posted the question someone on the list said that there was one company that had there own system tested and had values for that system.  I didn’t pursue that at the time as the framing system changed. I am now curious about the system that was mentioned as I don’t believe the particular company was listed.  If anyone can help my with locating that particular company or better yet an (ICBO /ICC) approval I would really appreciate the help.


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