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RE: Post tensioning- Clarifications

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	Members of the List,
		Thank you Gil Brock. I also thought that the people that
jumped on Gail had not read her post.
		Thank you to everyone that mentioned the contributions to
engineering by so many smart people from all over the world.
		As to the origin of Native Americans, the evidence seems
clear to paleoanthropologists that humans did not evolve here, but there is
lots of discussion in that community right now whether the first people in
the Americas came from Siberia over a land bridge around 13,000 years ago.
Just as with our discussions here, their science will be better for the
exchange of divergent points of view. And rather like the effect of each new
earthquake on how to build to resist them, paleoanthropologists are
excavating new artifacts all the time that allow them to make points on all
sides of their discussion.
	Jim Getaz
	Winchester, Virginia

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