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Structural Design in Excel

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I have developed a similar Excel library, although a little less sophisticated. The one component I have been struggling with is the beam analysis. I like the Excel interface, but I would like to have the simple input and graphic output of some of the commercial beam software programs. Would you be willing to sell your beam program?


Dmitri Wright, PE

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What kind of structural software are you looking for?  I've developed
functions that automatically import AISC properties and NDS design values,
interaction diagrams on concrete columns, continuous beam analysis with
graphical output, AISC eccentric bolt/weld factors, to name a few.  Some
other useful functions generate IBC/ASCE 7 snow, wind, and seismic loads,
and analyze all ASCE 7 load combinations and provide the governing uniform
loads to other sheets for design.

All functions work in all spreadsheets because they were written as an Excel
'add-in,' which loads when you open Excel.  I have spent years developing
this software, but it is the only thing I have found that provides a good
balance between speed and control (I don't like 'black-box' solutions).

Eric Tompos
NTA, Inc.

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