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offshoring myself

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Since I write a quite a few people on this list privately, and in a weird way this is like an extended engineering family to me (I have learned tremendous amounts over the last few years, as well as been entertained), I wanted to let everyone know I am leaving my current company in a couple weeks. I am going to do contract forensic work (still lots of hurricane damage out there) and maybe do a side design job or two, then I will be moving to Spain (Canary Islands to be exact) at least on a semi-permanent basis around March/April. I will subsribe to the list from a different email address, but anyone can always email me at andrew _ kester @ (no spaces, I put them there so you can see the underscore).
If by off chance any Spaniards belong to this list and would like to contact me, I have several preguntas to throw at you.
I also am wondering what the ethical implications would be if I were to perform engineering consulting for jobs here in the US while living abroad? If I pay US income tax, and also save and invest money in the US, I don't see that exactly as offshoring or outsourcing. I also hope to come back a couple months out of the year and work in the US as well. I will be keeping my house here as well. Unless you think it is worth posting to the list, please email me privately so we can keep the political type stuff to a min.
Everyone get out there and excercise one of your most important American rights today, no matter who it is for! And let these discussions on the list subside a bit, we all hope...
Andrew Kester, PE
Longwood, FL (for now)