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Re: Way Off Topic: Interesting Endorsements !!

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chuck utzman wrote:

After the events of 9/11, George Bush had a rare opportunity to bring us all together in a common cause. He has obviously failed & our country is now bitterly divided.

I think Mr. Bush did his best, but he had a few problems.

You may selectively forget his address to the joint session of Congress, but I do not. You may forget his reaching out to people of all persuasions and religious affiliations, even going out of his way to empasize Islam as a "religion of peace," but I don't.

And you may choose to forget that soon thereafter, the Democrats began their "secret" meetings, the memoranda of which were later leaked to the press, to figure out every way they could to politicize the events of 9/11, but I don't. And you may forget their response was that "we have to find who leaked the memos," rather than a shamefaced admission that they were still all about playing politics, even with the nation in crisis, but I don't.

You may forget Mr. Kerry's support for the war on terror, including the war in Iraq, up until he saw Mr. Dean leading in the Democrat primary polls and decided he had to "shore up his base," flip-flopping with astounding acrobatic gyrations, but I don't.

In short, you may forget who has REALLY taken every opportunity to politicize the current situation, but I don't.

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