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Order of the Engineer

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Fellow engineers:
This subject has been a thread for a while now, so here is a link that explains everything you might ever want to know about the American version, which was borrowed in the 1970s from our colleagues up north.  ASCE started promoting this in a big way a year or two ago.
Since I have not joined the Order, I cannot answer any questions beyond what is stated in the PDF.
Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas
P.S. > If you have not yet voted, please turn off your computer and go do so right now!  Voting is a special privilege that we should never ignore or leave to others.  I don't care how y'all vote, I just want y'all to get out there and cast your ballots.  Let's hope that we have a definitive result this evening, one way or the other, without any damn lawyers boogering it up!  Then, let's put our partisan feeling back in the vault and support the winner without further discord.