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RE: Way Off Topic: Interesting Endorsements !!

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Bill, with all respect,

We could all chime in on opinions and second guess what we would have done, and granted they would be better decisions on account of the hindsight factor. And I've done that, as many of us have. But what is really telling to this particular issue is Mr. Bush's approval rating. You can see the full details of the weekly Gallup poll at
Or check out an interesting summary of approval ratings from polling various organizations:

Here's some telling highlights (sample sizes 1,000 to 1,500 adult voters, margin of error about 3%):

Inauguration (1/20/01): 57% approve, 25% disapprove, 18% undecided

Just before 9/11(8/24/01):    51% approve, 39% disapprove, 10% undecided

Post 9/11(9/21/01):   90% approve, 6% disapprove, 4% undecided (highest ever recorded by Gallup)

Pre-Iraq invasion(3/3/03): 57% approve 37% disapprove  6% undecided

Iraq invasion (3/22/03): 71% approve, 25% disapprove, 4% undecided

3 months into Iraq (6/27/03): 61% approve, 36% disapprove, 3% undecided

6 months into Iraq (9/24/03): 54% approve 44% disapprove 2% undecided

Currently (10/29/04-10/31/04): 51% approve, 46% disapprove, 3% undecided

Bush's approval rating is now as low as it was 7 months into his Administration, and lower than it was at his inauguration. The boosts he got at 9/11 and again from the initial invasion of Iraq in what was promised to be a swift victory have completely disappeared. Clearly it is more than just guesswork whether the most important job in the country has been handled well. Each time the American people trusted their President, and each time that trust has been squandered. No wonder that the divisions in our nation run so deep at this time.

If Bush wins today, it will be because Senator Kerry could not mount the unified opposition to Bush, as he appears to have plenty of material to work with here in the job dissatisfaction numbers.


P.S. I've cast my vote today, and I hope that you all have, and regardless who wins the final tally, when officially elected, the Chief will have my support. But that Chief will have to overcome the existing division in the country, and unfortunately, if it is Bush again, I think we can expect we will have 4 more years of the same kind of disapproval ratings and divisions.

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chuck utzman wrote:

> Stan-
> After the events of  9/11, George Bush had a rare opportunity to bring
> us all together in a common cause.  He has obviously failed & our
> country is now bitterly divided.

I think Mr. Bush did his best, but he had a few problems.

You may selectively forget his address to the joint session of Congress,
but I do not. You may forget his reaching out to people of all
persuasions and religious affiliations, even going out of his way to
empasize Islam as a "religion of peace," but I don't.

And you may choose to forget that soon thereafter, the Democrats began
their "secret" meetings, the memoranda of which were later leaked to the
press, to figure out every way they could to politicize the events of
9/11, but I don't. And you may forget their response was that "we have
to find who leaked the memos," rather than a shamefaced admission that
they were still all about playing politics, even with the nation in
crisis, but I don't.

You may forget Mr. Kerry's support for the war on terror, including the
war in Iraq, up until he saw Mr. Dean leading in the Democrat primary
polls and decided he had to "shore up his base," flip-flopping with
astounding acrobatic gyrations, but I don't.

In short, you may forget who has REALLY taken every opportunity to
politicize the current situation, but I don't.