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STANDARD BUILDING CODE: Verify Language in SBC 1997

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I have a 1999 edition of the SBC (the one they issued just before IBC
went into effect, I guess to allow those who were going to insist on
keeping SBC in force to have a "latest version"). However, I am dealing
with a jurisdiction that has adopted 1997 SBC, and has not yet gone to IBC.

Could someone verify for me the following:

1. Section 106.4 is titled "Posting floor loads" (if not, please let me
know what Section is applicable for posting of floor loads).

2. The wording in 106.4.3 (or whatever section might be applicable in
1997 SBC)  "Signs required" is as follows:

"In every building or part of a building used for storage, industrial or
hazardous purposes, the safe floor loads, as reviewed by the building
official on the plan, shall be marked on plates of approved design which
shall be supplied and securely affixed by the owner of the building in a
conspicuous place in each story to which they relate. Such plates shall
not be removed or defaced, and if lost, removed or defaced, shall be
replaced by the owner of the building."

Thanks for the info.

Bill Polhemus, P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company
Katy, Texas USA

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